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Hi! So, we have a delicious now, so all filled and unfilled prompts can be found filed at GL_Kinkmeme.

I think everything is fairly self-explanatory, with the only somewhat confusing thing being that I have the prompts (filled and unfilled) separated from the responses (fills) in case more than one person wants to fill the same thing. But, I am not a 100% what I'm doing, so any suggestions or tips to make it more usable would be appreciated!



If you've filled a prompt, post a link here and I'll add it to the masterlist! I'll be going through the post to find fills, but I'm less likely to miss it if you drop a link.

Note: If the story was titled, I'll link to it by that; if not I'll just link it by the prompt. Unless anyone has a better idea for posting/order/formatting, I am actively soliciting suggestions!

Masterlist under the cut.Collapse )

Delicious is here, and probably somewhat more up to date.

Updated: July 1, 2011


Here is where you post your prompts and/or fills! Please read the rules first, and then go crazy.

ETA: I haven't, as of this point, deleted or screened any comments to the meme. There is a problem with LJ making comments disappear - generally speaking, browsing logged in helps, as I've heard clearing your history/cookies and refreshing helps as well. However, if your comment/comments really do seem to have disappeared let me know and I will look into it.

Also, anon comments with links to off-lj sites seem to be automatically marked as suspicious and screened. I haven't figured out how to change that, but I will be keeping an eye out for them and will try to to unscreen them ASAP. If you think I've missed anything, please feel free to shoot me a comment!


Any questions, comments, or affiliate requests can go here. Alternatively, you can also direct message the mod account or shoot an e-mail to gl_kink@yahoo.com.


Hello, and welcome to gl_kinkmeme, a new Green Lantern kink meme! While the meme was created with the movie in mind, it is open to any Green Lantern related prompts from any media.

If you're unfamiliar with kink memes generally, the concept is pretty simple: you leave a prompt with the canon you want, a pairing you want, and a specific kink you want, and hopefully someone will fill it for you! And hopefully at the same time other people will be leaving prompts you are interested in writing, and it all turns into one big happy circle of fic.

Now, as for the RULES:

- As mentioned above, the kink meme is open to any version of the Green Lantern story, whether that be the movie, the comics, the cartoons or any of the relevant video games. If it has a Green Lantern in it, it's fair game (Alan counts too, just in case you were wondering).

- Your prompts can be as short or as long as you would like. Some people respond better to brief prompts, whereas some people prefer more in-depth and detailed ideas to get their engines going, and either way is fine. Just keep in mind that if you don't specify a particular canon/pairing/kink, you might get written anything.

- RPF is allowable, so long as it's Lantern related.

- At this point in time there are no plans to ban anything in terms of content, but please warn for any rape, dubcon, extreme gore, abuse, or underage, or make a note that you're choosing not to warn for content. You can warn for anything else you'd like to, of course, but that's entirely up to individuals.

- In terms of the actual post, please keep it to one prompt per comment, and please use some kind of subject line for each prompt to make tracking easier.

- Anon posting is turned on. While anon is usually the default mode for most kink memers, you can post under your name if you'd like to. You can also claim or decline to claim your anonymous kink meme fills on your own journal later, obviously.

- We'll move to a new post every 5000 comments. Please don't repost the exact same prompt repeatedly during the same post; if someone is interested in your prompt, they'll see it eventually.

- Please don't bash other people's prompts/fills. Everything is allowable on this meme: any GL, any orientation, any kink. If you're ripping your hair out because people keep asking for characters or kinks you hate, either calm down and prompt some things you would like to see or just start your own meme and put the banhammer on things you don't want to see.

- Additionally, please don't use your prompts to bash characters. This is obviously somewhat of a subjective rule, since abuse/non-con/etc are all legitimate kinks that can look a lot like bashing to people who aren't into them, and it's also fine to say that you didn't like some particular aspect of a canon and would like a story where that aspect has been changed. But anything along the lines of "I want X/Y instead of X/Z, because Z is such a worthless character and everyone hates him" or "A is such a dumb bitch, I want a story where she dies and B/C can get together without her" is getting deleted. Seriously, use your judgment here people.